3D Television !!

The 20-inch 3D display from Philips

Looks like the age of 3D displays is not as far as previously thought, as there are quite a few companies actively involved in the development of 3D-capable screens, which will bring the users a bit closer to what's going on in the images they're watching. And one such company is Philips, who has just announced at Infocomm 2007 its new 20-inch 3D display, a device aimed at professionals and ordinary users alike.

Thus, according to the company's statement, this device represents the latest addition to its 3D WOWvx professional display

range and its main selling point is the fact that it can deliver a very vivid 3D experience without the need for special glasses. The device comes in two different versions, namely a frame-mount display that provides images with a 4:3 aspect ratio, being designed for integration in shop interiors or kiosks; as well as a desktop version with bezel and stand, for those users who want to enjoy 3D images in their own homes.

As Philips informs us, the purpose of WOWvx technology is mainly related to advertising. Thus, it seems that 3D imaging is a valuable tool in raising brand or product awareness, as 3D images will hold the consumer's attention far longer than ordinary print images do. This is the reason why these things might prove to be quite popular for use in digital signage, point-of-sale advertising, games and 3D visualization.

Although the company doesn't give us any specific technical information related to the new displays, it's quite possible that they share the most common features of another device that uses the WOWvx technology, the 42-3D6C01, namely an autostereoscopic 9-view display system with a brightness level of 500 cd/square meter and a contrast ratio of 1500:1.

The company has not released any pricing information regarding their 20-inch 3D displays, but it seems that they'll be sold through Philips 3D Solutions distribution partners from August 2007 onwards, and we'll come back with more details at that time.