11 more reasons NOT to buy an iPhone


I know that some of you are undecided about whether you will order an iPhone. In this post, I will state 11 reasons why you shouldn’t buy one.

You may already have identified the high price, ($499-$599) as a good reason against doing so. Or, you may be on another carrier’s plan and don’t want to pay the um, substantial penalty for early withdrawal just to sign a two-year with iPhone’s exclusive carrier AT&T Wireless.

But after riffing through New York Times’ tech reviewer David Pogue’s terrific Often Asked iPhone Questions piece this morning, I’ve identified 11 more reasons you shouldn’t buy an iPhone.

Ready for a dose of tech-flavored conscience?

  1. While iPhone will work with any SIM card from exclusive iPhone carrier AT&T Wireless No other carrier’s SIM phone will work with iPhone.
  2. If you are wearing gloves, the iPhone’s virtual keypad won’t work. That’s a concern for wintertime phone calls in cold areas.
  3. No memos.
  4. No voice dialing.
  5. No voice recording.
  6. No games.
  7. No capacity for video output to a tv (as iPod has).
  8. No capacity for over-the-air calendar appointments.
  9. No capacity for over-the-air software updates.
  10. No IM. Gotta use text messaging.
  11. No flash or zoom in the camera.

Can you think of more reasons not to buy an iPhone? Comment and let us know!