Krishna Vamsi's Chandamama Review

Cast: Navdeep, Sivabalaji, Kajal, Sindhu Menon, Nagababu, Ahuti Prasad, Uttej, Radha Kumari, Rajesh and Others.
Art: Srinivasa Raju.
Cinematography: Prasad Murella.
Dialogues: Lakshmi Bhupal.
Music: KM Radhakrishnan.
Story, Screenplay & Director: Krishna Vamsi.
Producer(s): C. Kalyan & S. Vijayanand.
Presenter: Rekha Combines.
Banner: Teja Cinema.
Release Date: 6th September, 2007.

Chandamama stars Navdeep, Sivabalaji, Kajal and Sindhu Menon-all of them relatively new, with little star value. It is directed by Krishna Vamsi, who has given huge hits and is one of the few directors who can draw audiences to the theatre on his name. Chandamama is one of those 'family entertainers', meaning it is clean, wholesome and has dashes of everything-humor, love, sentiment, characters and music. It is in the same boat as Murari or even his earlier blockbuster, Ninne Pelladatha. But it is on a smaller scale, meaning there is lesser star value, good but not record breaking music, sentiment but no extra doses of melodrama.

Sindhu Menon and KajalPlot Ranga Rao's (Nagababu) daughter Mahalaxmi (Kajal) finishes her studies in the city and comes back to her village. Her wedding is fixed, and the groom is Dora Babu (Sivabalaji), son of Ramalingeswara Rao (Ahuti Prasad). She confesses to him about falling in love with Kishore (Navdeep), a guy in the city, who apparently 'cheats' her. Dora Babu goes to the city to seek Kishore out and teach him a lesson. What he ends up doing is getting him to his village. A quadrangle involving these three and Rani (Sindhu Menon), Mahalaxmi's cousin is formed, and the confusion begins.

Story, Screenplay and Direction The story is quite simple; and very predictable after a point, especially the climax. The movie passes most of its screen time in some light humor, father-daughter relationship is in focus, Kishore's happy-go-lucky nature which creates most of the moments in the movie. You prepare yourself for a blast of melodrama during the climax, but it never comes. Remember NP or Murari? The climax has a lot of crying, screaming, shouting, sweat and blood. Here, none of that appears.

It's an old storyline and the conflict is seen in too many movies before. So many aspects of Murari are used here, including the village set up and characters. Sivabalaji's father, played by Ahuti Prasad and Kishore played by Navdeep are trademark Krishna Vamsi characters and hence fun to watch. The two lead pairs have done well and that's a plus for the movie.

The scene in the hospital with Sivabalaji and family, the first fight between Navdeep and Sivabalaji and Navdeep's constant stalking of Kajal when they first meet is entertaining. The incessant screaming (with glee) that both the girls do is off-putting, but then most of the heroines in Krishna Vamsi's movies do that (Tabu in NP). What all those foreigners are doing in a small village is anyone's guess.

Navdeep and SivabalajiPerformances Ahuti Prasad's character and performance stands out in the movie. Nagababu is adequate, and it's possibly one of his better performances. Navdeep is convincing and is definitely one of the better actors in the younger gen. Sivabalaji is good, and plays his part well. Kajal is good and the rawness visible in her first flick has vanished. Sindhu Menon dances well and suits her role. Radha Kumari as Sivabalaji's grandmother is cast in a typical role and does a good job as does Uttej, as a singing wanderer in the village.

Music and Dance The music by KM Radhakrishnan is not disappointing and the picturization of three of the songs is good.

Last Word Nothing much really happens, and the two love stories and the slight conflict is dealt easily in the end, without too much hungama. The movie is simple, sweet and feel-good.

Courtesy: Cinegoer