Chirutha movie started at 11.00 PMexactly and the opening scene is Surya, was threatened by goons. But surya revolts and he returned back to home. Later he was attacked by goons and was killed by villain in this process Suryas wife also hurted severely . Charan is the son of Surya and Master Akash(Sonof Puri Jagannath) played the Jr charan role saw the blood shed of villain killing his father.

Charan mother was hospitalised and needed lot of money for the operation. Thanikella Bharani came to the rescue of the situation and asks the kid to go to jail instead of some one. Charan agrees for that and he went to boston school.

Charan spends 12 years in prison and he is grown up now. Charan introduction was terrific and there was a fight in the jail which we can call as first. We have already seen part of the scene in the first trailor aired. Charan jail mate was Venu madhav and there were quite a few comedy scenes betweencharan and venumadhav.Charan completed 12 years in jail and released from jail.

Charan tried to trace his mother. After that Charan goes to bangkok. There he works in the travel company run by MS Narayana along with other comedians. Ali introduction is hilarious. Neha sharma also visits Bangkok along with her friends and manager M S Narayana. There was lot of comedy scenes between the whole team at Bangkok. There follows a third song (Ivvalee cherukunnadi kala) of the movie. one of the local goon teases nehasharma, Charan rescued her and in process there was an excellent fight just before the interval.

Hero is working as a body guard for heroine after he rescues her and the gang goes for a boat ride. In this process they lost completely and reached an island. In the no man island they found a old house and spent some time there. There was 4th song in the movie in the form of Maro Maroo. Charan cracked a joke with heroine and says that you are dancing better than mumaithkhan. Prakash raj is the father of the Heroine searches for his daughter and Charan. Prakash Raj is a big shot and inquires about CHARAN background.

There follows another song in the movie and the song is love you raa love you raa. Finally prakash Raj could able to locate young couple in the island. By that heroine and hero are in deep love. PR trades with Charan and promises Charan that he will give his mother in lieu of Heroine. Charan leaves heroine. There was a beautifully picturised song ' Chamka chamka'. This song is highlight of the movie.

Villian who teases Heroine in the first half enters and Kidnaps heroine. PR requests Charan to get back Heroine from the clutches of villian. There was a secrete revealed and one has to see the movie to know what is the secrete. Finally charan kills the goons and villains to get back Neha.

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