1st Half-Report :: As per the sources who watched the Movie in Elure the 1st half has just finished. The Movie is good so far. The Dances live upto the expectations and fights are good. Ram Chanrantej's acting skills are also good and resembles Pawankalyan in most of the scenes. The Story is very Routine but Puri has managed to maitain the tempo. The only drawback they have reported is the Movie has missed the Puri type of Comedy Track.

Fan Websites STOPPED Updating the movie info after 2nd song.. DONNO WHY ? !* &%

Final Report ::Show completed. Fans are satisfied with Charantej's dances. According to the fans the First half is better than the Second half. The main drawabacks of the are the Routine story and a very weak Comedy Track.

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The Movie starts off with the hero shown as a kid. Hero Charan's Father role is played by Surya (SHOW fame/Doctor in SD-MBBS not TAMIL HERO SURYA :)). Due to his straight forward attitude he gets killed by the bad guy, played by Aasish Vidhyardhi and his Mother gets hospitalised in the same episode. Now Charan becomes helpless with no money to save his mother and accepts a deal to get into the Jail in order to save his mother. Charan makes freinds with Venumadhav in the Jail. He gets out of the Jail and gets a Job of a Guide in Bangkok. He meets the Heroine there and the scenes between the Lead Pair are not that impressive.

The fisrt song of the Movie
Yamaho..Yama has just started.The first song is over. Charan has the ease in his dances and has succeded in reaching the expectations of the fans. With Huge expectations among the audience Charan seems to be OK with his acting capabilities so far. MS Narayana plays the Boss to Charantej. In bangkok the scenes between the Lead Pair continue and the 2nd song Ivvale.. has started now. This song too starts off without a proper lead and situation.

Ali's introduction has recieved a good applause in the theater. But his comedy track is not so impressive. The fight which comes when the goons tease the heroine is good. It has been picturised with a Karate Backdrop and Charan is impressive. After the fight Heroine's father, Prakash Raj asks Charantej to be his daughters Body Gaurd. The third song Yendhuko... has just begun. Till now except for Charantej's dances nothing is so impressive. The heroine seems to be a big let down for the Movie(worst heroine selection for 2nd time~1st time is SDZ)

The movie is OK so far. The action sequences are lengthy and basically there is no story to grip the audience. The much known Puri comedy has been missing. Charantej looks promising but the rest all are not upto the mark!

After the Interval Hero and Heroine get lost on an Island. The Scenes between the Lead Pair are good. Charantej has more dailogues in the second half of the movie. The fourth Song Maro..Maro..(pakka massss song .. steps are OK) is going on now! mani's music is Xcellent.Dances in all the songs till now are ok.

The teasing Scenes between the Hero and Heroine are good. The way the Hero proposes his love to the Heroine is shown in a very good way. There is a scene between MS Narayana and Dharmavarapu where MS Narayana hints not to judge any person in the first look. The fifth Song
Love u ra.. has started.

Hero tells his flash back to the heroine. Prakash Raj comes and takes away his daugther from the Hero. The dailodues between Prakashraj and the heroine are also good. The sixth song Chiruthosthe... is going on now.

The tempo picks up a bit towards the end but again the Climax of the movie is a bit dragged. The theme is inspired from Chiranjeevi's KHAIDI. At the end of the Movie fans are satisfied with Charantej's acting and dancing skills. They strongly believe they have another Hero in the making. The major disappointments are the Story, heroine and Lack of Entertainment throughout the Movie. Lets wait and see how the Movie fares at the Box-Office as the Movie has got enormous hype and attention all over the State. Stay tuned for the complete Review tommorow!

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Lets hope the movie will become a big hit..