1. Khabaddhar ani.. Sirivennela / Naveen - 3.75/5

Interesting composition interspersed with Hindi and English lyrics, it is a rousing call to eliminate evil. You can hear some of the beats from Athadu and Pokiri that made those album huge hits if you listen closely enough, but Mani still manages to keep it original. This is another title song that Mahesh’s fans will cheer. Mani does not skimp on the drums nor does he skimp on the Christian style chants.

2. Gona..Gona.. Chandrabose / Naveen, Rita - 3.75/5

Hip hop style with fast, peppy beats are the hallmark of this composition. Another instant chartbuster, this is going be another one to dance in the aisles for. The lyrics are again easy listening and fun to remember

3. Sathyam Emito... Sirivennala / Deepu, Usha - 4/5

The most lyrically profound song of the album penned by Sirivennela. Only he could come up with such philosophical poetry. One of the most interesting compositions in recent times, it is difficult to slot this song in a particular genre. You don’t come across such songs often. The slow music gels completely with the lyrics. Mahesh fans would have enjoyed Sahasam Swasaga in Okkadu. Similary, Satyam is another one to cherish.

4. Killadi koona.. Viswa / Karthik, Rita - 3.5/5

The starting piano tunes are fabulous and then Mani tunes into a catchy, peppy beat for this duet. A youthful composition in both music and lyrics, this will be an instant hit among the youth. Mani shows a lot of variation in the music for this song.

5. Rathrayina ok.. Bhaskarabhatla / Naveen, Anushka - 4/5

Middle eastern style music beats for this item song are enchanting and foot tapping. If you enjoyed Guru’s Maiyya, Maiyya, you will enjoy this song too. This is probably the most mass song of Mahesh ever lyrics wise.

6. Valla.. Valla... Chandrabose / Rahul Nambiar, Dharshana - 3.75/5

Fast beats, catchy tunes and a youthful tenor to this song make it another immediate hit. The lyrics are also easy to catch on to. This duet will be an instant chartbuster and one to dance in the aisles for. .


This album is another chartbuster from Manisharma. There is not a single disappointing track and every track is one that fans will enjoy!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ravi,

I have heared Athidi songs but it's not upto the mark, compare to Athidi tulasi songs are good. We will hope story is good, if it's not this is another Sainukudu....
I hate manisharma bec he gave good music to chirutha....


Anonymous said...

Except fro Satyam song all remaining are routine stuff. It lacks the freshness that pokiri had. Its average, and as i said satyam song would be remembered for sometime.