Shankar Dada Zindabad Review ~ First On Net !!

source:: Rajsekhar from tenali ~ Andhra Paris !!
Show time :: thu 25th 10:00 Pm(Fans Show)
Venue :: Sangameswara Deluxe
Ticket :: Rs.100/- (for fans show)

Movie line - Ghandhi Giri wit entertainment.


Story : Andariki Telisindhe.. makki ki makki dinchadu.. no change.. :)

Ramblings about the movie by a fan :

First half of the film is excellent and is totally entertaining. The second half is good, and has less entertainment towards climax as emotions had to catch up. The plus points of the film are Chiranjeevi's all-round performance, PRABUDEVS handling of emotional scenes, nice storyline, music and comedy. In emotional films, we find less entertainment. In entertaining films, we find less emotion. Here is one film that is blended with both emotion and entertainment in a wonderful way. And this film has something to offer to every cross-section of audiences. 'Shankardada MBBS' is a universal film that would appeal to both classes and masses. With Telugu film industry being in crisis at present, Shankar Dada ZINDABAD would surely bring smiles to the buyers, film industry and most importantly to the audiences. This film has got great repeat value. It is a must watch film!!

There was a dialogue which needs to be mentioned here. The dialogue is " Ee area ani nannu aduguthavuraa, ee andhra lo anni areas naavee raa" This dialogue came our really well.

The introduction of Chiranjeevi is terrific in SDZ as the the scene involves little bit introduction by Srikanth about CHIRU. Fans will go ga ga about the dialogue. One of the gunda asks Chiranjeevi and Srikanth about there identity and Srikanth say's " Anna CHIRUTHA kee AYYA, Fikar Cheyyaku Bhayya" in Telangana dialect and this dialogue will a surprise to all fans as every will think these kind of dialogues in Chirutha on contrary, we have seen scenes about Chirutha in his dad's movie.

There is another dialogue in the movie, that was told by Shiyagi Shinde, that " eedi vaalakam chustunte raajakeyalloki vachettu vunnadu. "

Analysis :

Hilights :: Devi Sriprasad in Good Morning Hyderabad song
Prabhu deva, allu arjun, ravi teja in Jagadeka veruniki song
Pawan Kalyan in Abhisheik's role + last fight (When people are hitting chiru)
Yaana Guptha in aakalesthe song

Positive Points :: First half comedy and superb taking of songs and more obviously chiru's dances.
Negative Points :: Heroine and sentimental scenes in which people hit our chiru..(fans ki idi nachaledu mari.. oka chempa meda kodithe rendo chepma chupinchatam)

Fans Talk :: First half superbb.. assalu time teliyaledu..comedy kummindi mama.. mega star iragadesadu.. second half baledu.. boring..too senti :( heroine worst ga vundi..

Common Audience Talk :: First half bavundi..sencond half is good! Hindi Moive vunna antha range lo ledu.. but good.

Industry Talk :: Average Collections vostai. elagu budget takkuva and business ekkuva kabatti vallaki dabbulu vochesai inka no profits.. Centers Records em padavu.. distributors ki halls ki elagu black marketing vundi kabatti bane dabbulu vostai.. so andariki safe movie