Yamadonga Review

Director : S.S.Rajamouli
Producer : Rama Rajamouli and Cherry(of Okkadunnadu fame) and Urmila Gangaraju
Banner : Vishwamitra Creations
Casting : Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao AkA NTR or Tarak or Junior NTR , Sexy Mamatha Mohan Das, Priyamani, Collection King Tammudu Mohan Babu in MAIN Roles...

High Lights : Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao Graphic role in 7th reel in the YOUNG YAMA Song and NTR in YAMA Getup and his dialogues which resembles the dialouges of Senior NTR in DVSK about the CASTE(Kulamu...kulamu...)

Special Apperances: Veda, Navneet Kour, Preethi Jingyani, Madhu Shalini,Parvathi Melton as Dancers in Narakam and Rambha in Item song(Nachore..Nachore..)

in side roles Brahmanandam, sunil,venu madhav, M.S.Narayana, Raghu babu and lot of other comedians

Story: Vijayendra Prasad
Art: Anand Sai
Music: Keeravani Aka Kreem :)
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Cinematography: Senthil Kumar
Type : Socio Fantasy wid full entertainment

Movie got HIT talk among Fans..as well as Common Audineces

The stamp – An SS Rajamouli film – suits Yamadonga from all angles. The Telugu audiences have so far seen only one side of Yamalok. Here, Rajamouli presents it with his unique imagination. Entertainment is his buzz word. The combination of Mohan Babu and NTR has definitely proved a rocking commercial element.


Raja (NTR) is a hardcore thief and he can do anything to achieve his target. Several biggies hire his services. One fine day, the heiress to Rs. 250 crore zamindari legacy Mahi (Priya Mani) comes to his custody while being chased by the villains (her own relatives). NTR is about to take the ransom by handing over the girl to her killers, when he suddenly gets killed. He goes to Yamalok and is engaged to neck and neck competition with Yama (Mohan Babu). After a winsome streak, he returns to earth. Yama is desperate to take his life again to hell. But, he himself is so moved that he is all happy to see the young man escape death. Watch this superb socio-fantasy for yourself.

Artistes’ Performance

A slim NTR is simply surprising on the screen, but it might turn hard for some to digest the sudden change. Compared to his previous films, NTR has totally changed his diction, body language and everything. In the stunts and dance sequences, he pumped in maximum energy. His dialogue delivery has all the punch to enliven a socio-fantasy entertainment like this. The audiences are also made attentive to hisThe audience are also made attentive to his new hairdo. Anyway, leaving the thread of rough and tough charcters, NTR seems to have made his debut into an altogether mixed genre of entertainment like this.

Mohan Babu gave a new dimension to the characterization of Yama. As and when the film rolls down on the screen, there is a big expectation about his entry in the theatre. The introduction scene of Mohan Babu in the yamalok set is terrific. Unlike previous treatment of showing Yama on earth, Mohan Babu brought all grandeuer to the character. There is immense response when the director unfolds the viswaroopam of Yama through Mohan Babu. His inimitable dialogue delivery and ferocious looks and body language best suited the Yama character. At the same time, his adaptability to the different levels of entertainment strategies is amazing. SS Rajamouli's statement that he would have shelved making of Yamadonga had Mohan Babu not accepted to play Yama is fully justified. Mamta Mohandass plays the role as Yama (possessed) for nearly half-an-hour. The spell of Mohan Babu is so powerful that the audience simply forgets that they are watching a heroine

Priyamani is beautiful and played her role as an orphaned and victimized heir to a zamindar's legacy with total perfection.

Mamta Mohandas is cute and glamorous. She has ample footage in the second half as Yama (possessed).

It is not an exaggeration to say that Brahmanandam did the character of Chitragupta on the lines of Nabhootho Nabhavishyat. Ali appears as the hero's buddy and again gives an impression that he is the best pick for the role

MS Narayana's contribution as Yamalok inmate is hilarious. Raghu Babu, Jayaprakash Reddy, Siva Parvati played the comedy villains with all ease. Though much publicity was made about Rajiv Kanakala's role as Indra, it is limited to just one minute and that too forgettable immediately. Climax villainy by Narendra Jha is adequate and convincing.Preeti Jingania, Veda and Madhu Shalini appear as Apsarasas (Rambha, Urvasi and Menaka) and win the appreciation of the audience with romantic touch.The chain with dollar of Narasimhaswamy and the Yamapas can also be treated as two interesting characters in the film, though lifeless.

Technical Details
Rajamouli deserves high praise for his unique imagination and molded it into a wonderful socio-fantasy with logical conclusion! Repeat logical conclusion to a socio-fantasy! He brings in the maximum commercial elements to give a strong dose of complete entertainment. His screenplay and direction is all gripping, coupled with arresting narration. However, it gives a feel that the movie is slightly dragged just before concluding with punchy climax. Dialogues have special place in the movie. Much care is taken to give contemporary coloring to dialogue delivery. They are prosaic, but colloquial, yet delivered with grandeur. Some of the highlight dialogues.

Mohan Babu's mannerism of uttering his buzzword something like
"Bambola Jambha" makes one a curious listener. "Nyayaniki Anyayaniki, Dharmaniki Adharmaniki madhya jarige yuddamlo, goda meedha pillila unde vanni sala sala kaage noonelo veyyali."

NTR's lengthy flow of dialogues when he assumes the throne of Yama is a parody to late NTR's strategic dialogue in Dhana Veera Soora Karna about Kulam (Caste). His addressing the hell inmates as "Naa Priyamaina Naraka sodharulu and Naraka sodharimanulu". Healthy comedy pervades all through the film. Conducting of elections to the post of Yama; treating the sinners as voters; deployment of apsaras to woo them; and NTR's imitating late NTR's election strategies like promising Rs. 2/- a kilo rice is hilarious.

All the songs are well canned. MM Keeravani's music is a great asset to the film. The music experienced in the theatre is different from the mere listening to the audio. The background score is superb.

Visual effects are of impressive quality. The soul of NTR, Yama appearing from the thin air, NTR's steep fall from Yamalok to earth and Yamapasam chasing NTR are worthy.

Though its a socio-fantasy, the stunts are done in real and effective mood and with all seriousness, retaining one of the major commercial masalas of Rajamouli.

Yamalok Set: The Major highlight of the film is Yamalok Set. It has surpassed the expectation of the audiences by many folds. The quality can be compared to any costly Hollywood film. The impact is such that the importance of Swargalok is completely lost.

Cinematography is excellent. Production values of Sri Viswamitra Creations are amazing.

The movie is opened to unanimous hit talk as a clean family
entertainer. A must watch for all.

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Anonymous said...

movie is simply awesome.a must watch for all.
it's a relief that it's different and still has all the commercial elements.

ravuru said...

cinema is rocking icont say in words

Anonymous said...

jus wanna say sumthng

a clean undisputed hit for NTR

itz xjus gr..u can watch it 100 times


Vamsi krishna . Manne