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NTR Yamadonga Review!katha:Donga ga chinnappude career start chesthadu Raja(NTR flashback lo).oka santha lo Zamindar grand daughter Maheswari(little Priyamani)ni rakshisthadu.
fast forward chesthe...
Zamindar chanipoyaka Maheswari ni pani pilla kante darunam ga treat chesipenchutharu Idharu Mavayyalu(Jayaprakash Reddy,Raghu babu).Maheswari ni champesi Zamindar property motham kotteyyalani plan chestharu.Donga ga manchi form lo unna NTR,Ali oka gown kottesi ivvataniki MS Narayana tho Rs.10Lakhs deal kudurchukuntaru.aa pani lo unna NTR,Ali anukokunda Priyamani ni save chestharu.12 years tarwatha malli save chesina NTR ni love chesthundhi Priyamani.Zamindar family ki Priyamani ni appaginchi Rs.50Lakhs tesukundham ani plan chestharu NTR,Ali.
Gown dorikina excitement lo MS Narayana chanipothadu.Rs.10Lakhs raledhani feel avuthu MS Narayana ni ,MS ni teesukellipoyina Yamudu(Mohan Babu) ni boothulu thidathadu NTR.Kopam vachina Yamudu NTR ki narakam chupinchalanukuntadu.Priyamani Mavayyalu chethilo murder ayipoyi Yamalokaniki vasthadu NTR.Akkada evaru evariki Narakam chupincharu ? Maheswari love story emayindhi anedhi remaining story.Highlights:
NTR-Rajamouli combination lo high expectations tho vachina Yamadonga almost expectations ni reach ayindhi.
NTR Rocks in every aspect.Rajamouli created this subject only for NTR.Yamudi ga NTR acting superb.Yamudu ga NTR cheppe dialouges ni Dana Veera Sura Karna lo Legend NTR dialogues,NTR public speeches format lo create chesaru.NTR succeeded in reminding his grand father.Dance gurinchi 'manchi EASE undhi,manchi EASE tho chesadu'ani regular ga vintu untam.But no one knows what it is exactly.EASE ante ento Yamadonga lo NTR dance chusthe artham avuthundhi clear ga.
past 10-12 years lo 2 cinemalu(Pedharayudu,Rayalaseema Ramanna Chowdary)tappa Mohan babu acting talent,dialogue delivery ki tagina cinemalu ,charecters raledhu Mohan babu ki,aa chance malli Yamadonga tho vachindhi.Intelligent casting by Rajamouli,excellent performance by Mohan babu.
E cinema ki Man of the Match Rajamouli.Yamagola,Yamudiki Mogudu,Yamaleela--3 block busters vachina concept ni,andaru chusesina concept ni malli 12 years tarwata kotha ga cheppatam ante easy kadhu.Rajamouli succeeded in narrating it fresh and entertaining .Storywise it is not upto the mark with the above three but entertainment wise it is on par with all the above.That's the magic of Rajamouli.
MM Keeravani music (songs& rerecording)is first class.NTR Yamudu getup lo kanipinchinappudu Dana Veera Sura Karna lo Duryodhanudu ki vadina background score ni recreate chesaru Keeravani.
The movie is visually rich and colourful.Yamadonga is one of the most expensive film in Tollywood History.Normal ga producers pettina expenses screen meedha complete ga kanipinchedhi rare cases lo.we can see it in Yamadonga.it is possible by coordination between art(creative&huge sets by Anand Sai)-camera(excellent lighting done by cinematographer Senthil)-styling(Rama Rajamouli) departments.Graphics bagunnayi.
Mamata Mohandas,who was ousted from two big films earlier,proved those film makers are wrong.She proved her talent in Yamadonga,she looks cute.Priyamani is Ok.
Comedians-Brahmanandam,Ali,MS Narayana,Raghubabu done their job well.
And above all--It is Legend NTR's appearance for 2 minutes got the biggest applause.NTR appears in Gajadonga getup.It's a feast for Nandamuri fans to watch Legend NTR and NTR jr. dancing for lyrics Aanati Ramudu,eenati Manavadu...Animation,compositing,dialogues everything were well done.

Side lights:
Story wise goppa cinema emi kadhu.
Lengthy film(3hours).
The pace was down a couple of times in the second half,but bore anipinchadhu.Director dramatised the screenplay towards the climax to add a bit weight to the subject(Fun alone,like Yamagola,can't survive these days).This might leave a feeling to some sections of audience a bit let down compared to the first half which is totally entertaining.
Much expected O lammi thikka reginda...song was a let down visually.situation and picturisation are not upto the mark.

Public Talk: Bagundhi,Must watch
Industry Talk:Superhit

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