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Lakshyam Review(Jagapathi babu,Gopichand)

katha:Law lo loop holes ni use chesukuntu--DIG,Home minister lanti vaallani partners ga chesukoni---addam vachina vallani champuthu Crores sampadisthadu Section Shankar(Yashpal Sharma).ACP ga Hyderabad ki vachina Bose(Jagapathi babu) Section Shankar ni control chesi punish cheyalani try chesthadu.Thanu love chesina Indu(Anushka)ni kidnap chesina Section Shankar ni debba kodathadu ACP tammudu Chandu(Gopichand).Urban Bank lo Rs.100Crores loan teesukuni Bank chairman ni champesthadu Section Shankar..aa case investigate chesthunna ACP Bose miss avuthadu.Chairman tho kalisi scam chesi ACP Bose aa Rs.100 Crores tho paaripoyadani rumors spread chestharu Section Shankar&DIG.Bose emayyadu?Chandu Section Shankar gang pie ela revenge teerchukunnadu anedhi reminaing story.

Before the movie release ...Jagapathi babu oka important charecter lo natisthunnadu ani anukunnaru andaru but in reality he is also a hero of the film.Both Gopichand &Jagapathi babu charecters have equal importance and equal footage.(and it is not just for footage sake)
Jagapathi babu looks handsome and excelled in his charecter as a police officer.Gopichand done the role of angry young man,his performance is excellent in emotional scenes especially interval&climax scenes.
Debutant director Srivasu is good at canning emotional&action scenes.Film opening, interval& Climax scenes bagunnayi.
some dialogues(Ratnam)are good.(at times they sound vulgar)
Fights(Ram Lakshman,Vijay),Cinematography(Sekhar V. Joseph) are good.
Raghu babu comedy bagundhi.Brahmanandam,Venumadhav unna kasepu bane navvincharu.

Though there are many fresh elements in the Screenplay(Srivasu&GopiMohan) it is not gripping.Screenwriters failed in maintaining the tempo.
Nothing much to say about Heroine Anushka,Music(Mani Sarma).They are just OK.
First half is balanced with Entertianment,action&family elements,Second half is an action drama and somewhat boring.Overall ga comedy takkuva.
Some songs disturbs the pace&mood of the film(especially last song)

Public talk: average
Industry talk:Talk bane undhi,Mass ni target chesi teesina cinema. length(2hrs 40minutes) taggisthe result baguntundhi.