Athidi Movie Review !!

Athidi is another out and out mass entertainer from Superstar Mahesh after Pokiri. Athidi's protagonist is an orphan, whose sense of faithfulness and commitment is unswerving. Even after 13 years since the incident, he remains indebted to a family that takes him home and gives him one square meal. Not to give away too much of the story, the main theme revolves around the heroine and how Mahesh protects her from the villains who are trying to kill her. The screenplay, which has been deftly handled by Vakkantham Vamsi and the on screen narration style adopted by Surendra Reddy keeps the proceedings interesting and the audience glued to their seats. The romantic and sentiment scenes built around this core theme have been handled exceptionally.
Cast ::

Mahesh has graduated into a "paripoorna natudu" with this film. The body language projected by him for his role in Pokiri was responsible for making it a huge it; here in Athidi, he presents a different, equally powerful and enthralling dimension to his body language. Only actors of a legendary calibre can bring about such chameleon like changes in their portrayal of characters. For his beloved fans, Mahesh has also shown skills in dancing that he never disclosed before on screen ever since his return as a full fledged hero. His trademarks have always been emotional sentimental scenes and action sequences. In Athidi he has taken these to new heights; however, it is in comedy that we see a surprisingly refreshing Mahesh, who excelled in comic timing also. Add to this the characterization of Mahesh, especially his dialogues, attitude and dialogue delivery when confronting villains, to complete the whole package, and fans of Mahesh Babu are in for another mesmerizing treat.

Amrita Rao suited her role well. Murali Sharma is a good fit as a replacement for Prakash Raj. Venu Madhav has a tiny role in which he did well. Sunil and Brahmanandam also performed well in the comedy department. Ashish Vidyardhi is also good in his role.

Technicians ::

Music by Mani is again an asset, like in all Mahesh films, whether it is with the songs or background music. As noted in our curtain raiser, the action sequences in this film will bring a lot of recognition to Stun Shiva. Vakkantham Vamsi's screenplay and Abburi Ravi's dialogues are additional assets for the film. Surender Reddy will leapfrog into the top leagues as a director. His handling of the film, the technical sophistry, the stylishness on screen, especially the way he presented Mahesh, will be rememberd for a long time as trendsetting.

Sample Dailogues ::

Amritha to Mahesh - Nee mokham choosthunte nuvvu software laaga anipisthundhi
Mahesh to Amritha - dheeni choosey andharu moosapothunnaru. Software kadhamma... full hardware... rojuki nalugurni kummandhe naaku nidrapattadhu. edhoila erratholutho manage chesthunnagaani loopala chaala chaala bad amma... vellu...

Brahmandham to Mahesh - enti? antha ladies followinga neeku?

Highlights ::

* Chemistry between Mahesh and Amrita Rao and the romantic scenes between them

* Mahesh's comic drunken episode with Sunil and Brahmanandam

* Mahesh's dances, costumes and hairstyles

* Mahesh's style of talking with the villains

* Mahesh's hutt ke attitude

Verdict ::

Superstar Mahesh has delivered another SUPERHIT that will no doubt establish new records, especially in initials and first week revenues. We'll let the range of the movie be decided by the general audience.

ivi chaalaaa HOTuu guruuu!!
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