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As per our sources first half is carrying extraordinary report. Over 50 VIPs are watching the show including several ministers and Galla Aruna Kumari.Producer Ramesh Babu and Director Surender Reddy are watching the show apart from VIPs.
Prints has been delayed due to adding last minute homage clip to Durgamma garu.
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Movie Review for fans who dont want to know any story...!!

Athidi is another out and out mass entertainer from Superstar Mahesh after Pokiri.

Sample Dailogues ::

Amritha to Mahesh - Nee mokham choosthunte nuvvu software laaga anipisthundhi
Mahesh to Amritha - dheeni choosey andharu moosapothunnaru. Software kadhamma... full hardware... rojuki nalugurni kummandhe naaku nidrapattadhu. edhoila erratholutho manage chesthunnagaani loopala chaala chaala bad amma... vellu...

Brahmandham to Mahesh - enti? antha ladies followinga neeku?

Highlights ::
* Chemistry between Mahesh and Amrita Rao and the romantic scenes between them

* Mahesh's comic drunken episode with Sunil and Brahmanandam

* Mahesh's dances, costumes and hairstyles

* Mahesh's style of talking with the villains

* Mahesh's hutt ke attitude

Verdict ::

Superstar Mahesh has delivered another SUPERHIT that will no doubt establish new records, especially in initials and first week revenues. We'll let the range of the movie be decided by the general audience.

full movie review here :: Athidi Movie Review !!

Ivi chaalaaaa HOTu Guruuuu !!!

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Athidi Live Coverage... !!
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